Story of Tenaliram: The Gift of Elephants.

Tenaliram English Story

Story of Tenaliram: Gift of Elephants | Tenalirama was very dear to the king because of his intelligence. Tenali had a solution to any problem that came upon the king. For this reason, the king used to give something to Tenali as a gift.

Once the king, being pleased with Tenali, gifted him 4 elephants. Tenali could not even return the gift given by the king. So Tenaliram was in a dilemma about what to do now.

Because it was not an easy task for him to raise an elephant. Tenali was a poor Brahmin, it is a different matter that the king used to give him some gifts from time to time.

But he could not keep four elephants. He knew that elephants needed a lot of grain to feed. For him, taking care of his family was a big problem.

Story of Tenaliram

But without any protest, Tenalirama brought the elephants to his home as the king’s gift. As soon as Tenalirama’s wife saw Tenali with four elephants, she was shocked.

And when she came to know that these elephants are now taking care of them, she said that there is no place for us to live, where will you keep these four elephants?

We have grains to eat for ourselves, not what we will feed them. If the king had given us four cows in place of these four elephants, at least we would have lived by drinking their milk.

After listening to his wife, Tenali made a plan to get rid of these elephants. He got up and said to his wife, “I will make some arrangements for these elephants, don’t you worry.”

Tenali took the elephants with him to the Kali temple. After going there, he first applied tilak to all the elephants, then dedicated all the elephants to Goddess Kali. and left them there.

Story of Tenaliram – Gift of Elephants

The four elephants started roaming in the city. Some good people would have given those elephants something to eat, and sometimes those poor elephants would remain hungry and damage the crops of the people.

Soon the elephants became weak and the townspeople also started getting troubled by those elephants. Seeing this condition of the elephants, some people went to the king and told the king about Tenali’s elephants.

The king was very angry after hearing Tenali’s treatment of elephants and ordered Tenali to appear in court. When Tenali came to the court, the king asked Tenali,

“Why did you leave the elephants in the city, I gave you those elephants as a gift?”

Tenali told Maharaj that he had gifted elephants to him. If he had refused to take them, then Maharaj might have been angry with him.

Thinking this, he accepted those elephants, but he cannot raise them, because he is a poor universe. How could he bear the extra burden of those four elephants?

So he dedicated these elephants to Goddess Kali. Maharaj was listening very well to Tenali when Tenali said,

Story of Tenaliram

“Sir, now you tell me if you had given me a few cows instead of these four elephants, then at least I would have fed my family by drinking their milk.”

The king found Tenali’s words correct and realized his mistake, what would a poor person do to the elephants?

Maharaj said, “If I give you a cow, will you do the same to them?”

Tenali said, “No sir, the cow is a holy animal, I will also get milk from it, which my children will drink and I can also feed the cows, I will thank you instead of leaving the cows.”

Maharaj immediately ordered that Tenali should be given four cows as a gift and those four elephants should be brought back from the city to the royal palace.

What we learned from Tenali Rama Elephant Story:
We learn from this Tenali Rama Elephant Story that we should take decisions according to the situation. A sword can never be used in place of a needle, nor can a needle be used in place of a sword. ( fruit’s name in Hindi & English )

( Tenaliram Story: The Division of Diamonds )

Tenaliram Story: The Division of Diamonds

Tenaliram English Story

Tenaliram Story: The Division of Diamonds.

There was an efficient and intelligent minister named Pandit Tenalirama Krishna in the king’s court. Once a case came into court that it became difficult for the Maharaj to do justice. In this situation, Tenalirama acted judiciously and resolved the king’s confusion.

It so happened that one day a man named Shyamu came to the palace to seek justice. The king asked him to tell the whole thing so that justice could be done to him. Shyam told that when he was going somewhere with his master yesterday, he found a bundle containing three shining diamonds on the way.

Tenaliram story

Seeing the diamond, I said that the lord has the right of the king over these diamonds, so they should be deposited in the royal treasury. Hearing this, Swami got furious and said that there is no need to tell anyone about the diamond. We’ll halve them. Hearing this, I also became greedy and I returned home with my master.

On reaching his mansion, Swami refused to give me the diamonds and ran away from the mansion. Injustice has been done to me sir please do justice to me.

Listening to Shyamu, the king immediately ordered his master to be present in the court. Shyam’s master was very wicked and greedy. When he came to the court, he told Maharaj that it is true that we had got the diamonds, but I had given all the diamonds to Shyamu to be deposited in the treasury. Shyam is a very greedy man, so he is coming to you and telling lies.

Tenaliram Short English Story: The Division of Diamonds

King said what is the proof that you are telling the truth. Shyam’s owner said you can ask the rest of the servants, they were all present there. When the king asked the three accompanying servants, they said that the owner had given Shyam a bundle full of diamonds, which should be with Shyam now.

Now the king did not understand who was telling the truth and who was lying. The king ordered to end the meeting and said that I have heard both sides but we will give the decision after some time.

The king asked all his ministers to give their advice in the form of a palace. Somebody said that Shyamu is greedy, he is telling lies, then someone said that Shyam’s master is a liar and all his servants are with him. The king looked at Tenalirama who stood as calm as ever. The king asked what do you think, Tenalirama.

Tenalirama said, “Maharaj I will solve this problem, I just need the cooperation of all of you. The king was very curious to know who was lying. Maharaj said, tell Tenali what we have to do. Tenali said you all hide behind the curtain, I will get the truth out now.

English story for kids

The king wanted to solve this matter as soon as possible, so the king ordered everyone to hide behind the curtain and along with all the ministers himself agreed to hide behind curtain.

Now only Tenali was standing in the king’s room, everyone else was hiding behind the curtain. He asked his servant to send three servants one by one to me. The servant first brought the servant along.

Tenalirama asked him, “Did your master give the bundle to Shyamu in front of you.” The servant answered yes. Now Tenalirama put a piece of paper and a Pan in front of him and asked him to draw a picture of that diamond. The servant panicked and said, “When the master gave the diamonds to Shyamu, he was in the red bale.”

Tenalirama said, “Okay, you stand here now.” After this, the next servant was called. Tenalirama asked the other servant the same, “Make a picture of the diamonds you have seen. The servant took the paper and drew three circular figures on it.

Division of Diamonds: Tenaliram Story

Now the third servant was asked, and he said, “I did not see the diamonds but they were in green clothes.” In this, the king and the rest of the ministers came out of the screen. Seeing them, the three servants were terrified and understood that by giving different answers, everyone understood that they are liars.

He: The three servants fell at the feet of the king and said that it was not his fault, but the master had told them to lie or threatened to kill them.

Listening to the servants, the king ordered the soldiers to search the owner’s house. All three diamonds were found at the owner’s house after a search. He was punished for the dishonesty of the owner. The king ordered that the owner would give 1 thousand gold currency to Shyamu and 10 thousand gold currency would be deposited in the treasury as a fine. In this way, Shyam got justice from the wisdom of Tenalirama and returned happily From the king’s court. ( Fruits name in Hindi & English )

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Story of the stupid king- English story for kids

Story of the stupid king- English story for kids | A king was very fond of wearing good and new clothes. He used to spend all the wealth of his kingdom on his clothes and used to wear new clothes every day. He did not care about his people

in front of clothes. One day two chauffeur men came to the king’s court. He said that both of them make very special types of clothes. The clothes made by them are visible only to intelligent people.

Stupid people can’t see the clothes they make. When the king came to know about both of them, the king’s happiness knew no bounds. He thought that now I will wear such a dress which is visible only to intelligent people. That way I will be able to sort out the intelligent and stupid people.

English poem for kids

The next day the king called the two men making clothes to his palace and said that make the best clothes for me given etc. Both the men who made clothes went away with the goods. The cloth makers started making beautiful clothes for the king. Like this many days and weeks passed.

After about a month, the clothes makers announced that the king’s clothes were ready. Upon reaching the king’s palace, both of them showed the king their made clothes. But what is this? The king could not see the clothes. The king thought that if I say that I cannot see the clothes, then all the people will make fun of me that the king is stupid, because the king cannot see the clothes.

Fearing to be called a fool, the king said, Oh wow! What a dress. How beautiful! How good is its color, how well it is painted. The king gave them gold ashrafis and they both left from there. And did not give any clothes to the king.His foolish and intelligent words were false. They did not make any clothes. There was a noise in the whole kingdom that today the king wore such clothes which only intelligent people can see, idiots will not see the king’s clothes.

Story of the stupid king

All the courtiers, servants waited for the king to come. As soon as the king came out, everyone was stunned, because no one could see the king’s clothes. But for fear of being called a fool, no one dared to say that he could not see the clothes of the king. All the courtiers started praising the king’s clothes one by one.

Oh wow Raja ji!” What beautiful clothes do you have”, said one. The other said, “Look at the design of the clothes”, how good it is. None of them wanted him to be called a fool by saying that he could not see the clothes, because the makers of the clothes had said that only intelligent people could see these clothes.

Then a little girl cried out loud, Oh!!! What clothes are you all praising. Very angry, he sent his soldiers to find both of them. Since then the king took a vow that he would not come in any such thing and would take care of his subjects more than his clothes.(25 Fruit names in Hindi & English )

Wise Elephant Story – English Story For Kids

Wise Elephant Story. An elephant lived with his family in a forest. One day the elephant was going from one forest to another with its entire family. On the way, the elephant saw a shining thing. The thought came into the mind of the elephant what is this thing that is shining so much?

The elephant kept moving towards that thing, rejoicing in its tune. Because of this, he got separated from his family. As the elephant approached the glowing object, it was nothing but a nail, which was shining so brightly when it read the sunlight. By mistake, the elephant’s foot fell on that nail and that nail entered the elephant’s foot.

Because of this blood started flowing from the feet of the elephant. The entire family of the elephant had gone a long way. Now the elephant could not even ask anyone for help. In no time it got dark. The poor elephant sat there all night and groaned in pain. By the time the elephant’s family found out that the little elephant had separated from them, it was too late.

English Story for kids

It was dark enough so he could not find his little elephant. The next morning an old couple passed by that road and they saw an elephant baby lying down with blood coming out of its leg. He saw that the leg of the little elephant was swollen and a thick nail was pricked in the foot of the elephant.

The old man quickly pulled out the nail and as soon as the nail came out of the elephant’s leg, blood started flowing. With this, the elephant’s pain subsided a bit and she started regaining consciousness. Seeing the old couple, the elephant got a little scared but he could not do anything. Because his leg was hurting and he had understood that only this old couple could help him.

To stop the bleeding from the elephant’s feet, the old woman washed the wound with water and tied it with a clean cloth. The old couple got scared seeing a herd of elephants coming toward them. He understood that this is the elephant’s family, so he left the little elephant there and went toward his house.

Wise Elephant Story for kids

As time passed the old couple had forgotten this incident. The zamindar of the village where this old couple lived was very evil. This zamindar used to collect tax from the whole village. For any family that could not pay taxes, the landlord forcibly took their food grains with them.
The old couple was now getting sick. Because of this, he could not pay his share of tax. So the zamindar took their food grains with him. One day when the old couple woke up in the morning, a grain sack was kept in front of their house.

The old couple did not understand where this grain sack must have come from. Since the couple was short of food to eat, they kept that sack with them. Now there was a noise in the village that the grain was coming from the landlord’s house. Somebody has taken a sack.

The next morning again the old couple found a sugar sack lying outside their house. This time also this sugar sack was stolen from the landlord’s house itself. Now the old couple was convinced that someone was stealing grains from the landlord’s house and keeping it outside their house, but they could not understand who was doing this and why.

English Story for kids

To know this, he now decided to stay awake all night and keep watch. As night fell, they saw an elephant carrying sugarcane in its trunk and placing it at their door. The elephant also saw the old couple and sat in front of them; the old couple got scared seeing that elephant.

Seeing the couple scared, the elephant extended its leg, which had a big wound on it, seeing this wound, the old couple remembered the incident when they had pulled a nail from the foot of a small elephant. The old couple understood that it was the same little elephant who had grown up and was helping them because they had helped him.

The old couple recognized the elephant. When he went to the elephant, the elephant lifted them both by the trunk and made them sit on its back. In no time, the landlord and his men followed the elephant to the old couple’s house. The zamindar and his men tried to control the elephant but the elephant picked it up with its trunk and threw it away.

Due to this the hands and feet of the landlord and his men were broken. The zamindar somehow ran away after saving his life. Now everyone in the village came to know that the elephant helps the old couple and now the zamindar stopped troubling the people of the village. ( 25 Fruits name )

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Bad company effect| English Moral story

rotten mango

Bad company effect| English Moral story
In this story, the effect of bad company is told through a rotten mango.
Once upon a time, there lived a farmer in a village. Every day he left early in the morning to work in the field, worked very hard in the field, and returned home in the evening.

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He was unhappy because his only son lived in bad company. He did not obey his father and never even respected his father.
The poor farmer tried hard to get his son on the right path, but all his efforts failed. He advised his son to stay away from his bad friends, but the son never listened to his father. Finally, the farmer made a plan.
One day, when his son was not at home, he picked some fresh mangoes from his garden. He kept a rotten mango with fresh mangoes and waited for his son to return.

Bad company effect

When the son returned home, his father said, “Here is a basket of mangoes, please put them in a corner of the kitchen.” This was the same basket in which the farmer had kept a rotten mango along with fresh mangoes. The son did what he was told. He saw that in a few days all the mangoes were rotten. He felt sad and went to his father.

His father said, ‘I had kept a rotten mango among the fresh ones. You might not have thought that a rotten mango can spoil the rest of the mango as well. So you didn’t feel the need to throw it away. Similarly, you are not able to feel the ill effects of your bad company.”
The son understood what his father wanted to say. He promised his father to give up all his bad habits and make his father feel proud of him.

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Cat story for kids | English Story

cat English story for kids

Cat story for kids | English Story |

Goma was a very smart and cunning badge. He was very beautiful He had a friend named Yomi the cat. Both were very good friends. One day he went for a walk in a park. That park belonged to the princess. Both of them were roaming there for fun when a big dog came there. Yomi got scared seeing the dog and ran and climbed the tree.

But Goma bravely stood there. He tried to drive the dog away but the dog bit Goma. To save his friend Goma, Yomi started shouting loudly Miau Miau. Hearing his voice, a soldier came running from the palace and drove the dog away.

Hearing Yomi’s voice, the princess also came there. She took Goma on her lap and took her to her palace. Yomi poor man was left alone. The princess was very nice. She took great care of everyone. He took great care of Goma and showed him to the doctor. Within a few days, the Goma was cured. But she kept missing her friend Yomi.

English Stories for kids- English Stories

English Story for kids

A snake lived in the princess’s garden. When the soldiers were not in the palace, seeing the opportunity, they used to come to trouble the princess. One day when the princess was playing the guitar, the snake came to the princess. Goma Billa was also sitting there. He saw the snake going to the princess, he jumped fast and stroked the snake’s neck and killed the snake.

The princess was very happy to see the snake dead. He thanked Goma. Now she started liking Goma more. Goma becomes the princess’s cutest pet. Now Goma started getting better care in the palace. But in spite of all this, Goma used to remain sad, he used to miss his friend Yomi.

English story for kids

One day Goma was sitting in the garden. Then his eyes went to a faraway garden where a big wild cat was troubling a small innocent cat. Goma immediately reached there to help the little cat. With the help of soldiers, he drove the wild cat away. The little cat was scared and hid in the bushes. When she came out, Goma’s eyes fell on her. That cat was none other than Yomi. Both were very happy to meet each other.

Goma took Tinu to the palace with him to meet the princess. Seeing the happiness of Goma, the princess understood that she is a good friend of Goma. He also kept Yami in the palace. All three started living together happily.

Rhyming & Poem For Nursery kids

rhyming and poem for nursery kids

Rhyming & Poem for Nursery kids | short and rememberable poem and rhyming for kids. A sweet jingle that can easily learn by kids.

What would you like | Rhyming for kids

Hello! Bunny Rabbit

What would you like?

A nice juicy carrot

sweet and ripe,

Hello! Mr. Monkey

what would you like?

A bunch of Banana

sweet and ripe

Hello! Busy Bear

What would you like?

A pot of Golden honey

sweet and ripe.

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Clap your hands Rhyming for kids

Clap your hands

clap your hands

Listen to the music

And clap your hands.

stamp your feet

stamp your feet

listen to the music

And stamp your feet.

Jump up high

Jump up high

Listen to the music

And jump up high.

Turn around

Turn around

Listen to the music

And turn around.

Clap your hands

Clap your hands

Listen to the music

And clap your hands.

Rhyming and poem for Nursery kids

Teddy Bear Poem

Teddy Bear, teddy bear, turn around

Teddy bear, teddy bear touch the ground

Teddy bear, teddy bear, polish the shoes.

Teddy bear, teddy bear, off to school.

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English poem for class 3rd

english poem for kids

English poem for class 3rd | Children’s poem A poem, in the form of a jingle, is a way for children to learn new things. So we wrote three poems in which children can learn new things or express themselves in a jingle format.

Work and Play | poem for class 3rd kids |

work while you work,

play while you play,

That is the way

To be Happy and Gay.

All that you do,

Do with you might,

Things done by halves,

Are never done right.

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Thank you God English Poem for kids

we should always be thankful to God for whatever he gives us. through the poem, we give thanks to God for everything he gives us.

God, we thank you for the night,

And for the pleasant morning light.

For rest and food and loving care,

And all that makes the day so fair.

Help us to do the things we should,

To be to others kind and good.

Eating Habits poem | English poem for class 3|

good Eating habits are very necessary for a healthy and happy life. We should eat at the proper time and also eat everything that our mother cooks for us. vegetables, and fruits, they are very important in our growth.

Eating habit English poem for kids

Eat your food at the proper times

What mummy cooks is really fine

Vegetables and fruits all are nice,

They will make you strong and wise.

Taste of the junk food

will make you crazy,

but don’t take them

As it will make you lazy.

English Poem for class 3rd

wee willie winkie runs through the town,

upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown,

Rapping at the windows, crying through each lock,

Are the children in their beds? it’s now eight’ o clock!

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Magical Egg | magic story for kids

story for kids

Magic Story For Kids | Magic Egg | Click to read more children’s stories – English stories

In some town there lived an immortal man named Rofail , he had three daughters and a son. There was a fire in the palace of Rofail , in which he lost all his wealth.

After this, Rofael would go to the forest every day and find wood for cooking. But he had never gone to the forest, because of this he used to forget the way. When he forgot the way for the first time, a lion asked to help him but the lion said in return you have to get me married to your elder daughter. Rofel started thinking that if he does not reach home then his wife and children will starve to death, so he said yes. The lion showed Raphael the way out of the forest and after a few days came to his house and took his daughter to marry him.

Magical Egg | magical story for kids

Similarly, once again he forgot the way, this time the eagle showed the way to Rofael and in return married his other daughter and took her to his house. Similarly, one day, while coming from the forest, Rofael fell into the water, then the dolphin fish helped him to get out of the water but he also proposed marriage to his third youngest daughter in return. In this way, Rofael took the three daughters of Rafel by marrying a lion, a falcon, and a dolphin fish.

But thinking about all this, Rofael’s wife used to be sad. She wanted to marry her daughters to the prince. His son was small, he did not know anything about it. When he grew up, he came to know why his mother was so sad. The boy rode on a horse and went to look for his sisters. First, he found an elder sister who told him that her husband was not the lion, the falcon, or the fish. is a prince

The Prince and the Sorcerer | Magic Story for kids|

Actually, all those three princes were brothers but a magician has made them lion, falcon, and fish with his magic, brother if you kill that magician then all three of them will become prince again. That magician lives in a cave where if the prince goes, he will be burnt to ashes but you can go to that cave because the younger brother of three sisters can go there but you have to go there carefully.

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The elder sister also called her husband Lion there and all three sat down and started planning to kill the magician. The lion said, bring the magician out of the cave, then we will see him. Then the boy walked towards the cave to kill the magician. He went to the magician’s cave and said that you are a very useless magician, your magic has not worked on the princes, they are roaming outside comfortably as a prince. If you don’t believe me, come with me.

The magician came out of the cave.

As soon as the magician heard this he was shocked and hurriedly walked out of the cave to see the princes. As soon as he came out the prince lion caught hold of him and beat him badly and killed the magician, but as soon as the magician died, the bird came out of his body and started flying as soon as it was flying, only then the same eagle was passing by. The magician made a falcon from the prince.

The prince understood that this is the same magician. He caught the magician of the bird by the mouth and attacked him fiercely as soon as the magician of the bird died, he turned into an egg and started falling straight down unevenly, but below was the river in which the third prince who had become a dolphin fish he was swimming.

He grabbed that egg and hit it hard on the ground, which broke the magician’s magic. Now the three princes who had become a lion, falcon, and fish had come back in their form. All three became princes again and their palace also came back. Everyone was very happy seeing this. Everyone celebrated together and thanked the girl’s brother, now everyone started living together with love.

The clever goat | Short English story |

The clever goat story

The clever goat | Short English story for kids |The story tells how a goat saves their kid from a wolf |

In a forest, a goat lived with its baby. Once Lembi, a goat baby, fell ill. Even after many days, he did not recover. The goat was getting very worried about the illness of her child.

Short moral stories for kids | English stories

One day the goat was going out of the forest to get some medicines for her baby. She was talking loudly to herself – How long has my lembi been sick, what if it doesn’t get better? The goat loved her child very much.

The Clever Goat| English story for kids
English story for kids

She was going on talking to herself when suddenly her eyes fell on the wolf who was secretly listening to the goat. But the goat was not aware that the wolf had listened to all his words.

The clever goat | Short English story |

She got scared seeing the wolf and started running fast to avoid him.
The wolf said – Oh wait, sister!
Hearing this, the goat started running faster.
The wolf said – wait oh sister, your child has been sick for a long time, isn’t it?
Hearing the wolf, the goat immediately stopped and said – how do you know that my child is sick?
The wolf said I am a very wise wolf, I know everything and I also know how to cure your child. I can cure him too.
The poor troubled goat came in the words of the wolf and started saying – “If so, please come to my house to treat my child.”
The wolf smiled and said – yes, yes sister why not!

Goat brings wolf at home ( Short English Story for kids)

When the goat showed its baby to the wolf after reaching home, the wolf’s mouth watered after seeing the child. The wolf thought – “Oh wow today you will get to eat such soft and delicious food.”
When the wolf was engrossed in his own imagination, dripping saliva from his mouth, the goat saw him, and upon seeing him, she understood all his cunning. The goat was terrified but acted patiently.

Goat cleverness ( The Clever Goat )

Goat said – wolf brother, I will prepare tea for you?
The wolf said happily – sure why not
The goat quickly prepares the tea, and as the wolf extends its hand to eat the baby, the goat cleverly drops the hot tea on the wolf and makes a loud noise, and gathers all the animals in the forest.
Elephants, bears, rhinoceros all the animals come when the goat makes noise and they all together beat the wolf a lot and drive him out of the forest.

Goat thanks all the animals.

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