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Poems for Nursery Kids-This English poem is extremely easy and learnable for kids. Children can effortlessly grasp its essence, which not only boosts their morals but also teaches them the significance of rising early. “Mummy and Daddy Poem” beautifully portrays the affection children harbor towards their parents. Nursey Poem

Mummy and Daddy English Poem for Kids

English poem for kids
English poem for kids

Mummy and Daddy,

I love you,

Come to me

when I call you.

Give me a kiss

when I ask you.

Mummy and Daddy

I Love you.

Wake-up Poem for Kids

English poem for kids
English poem for kids

Wake up, Wake up Brush your teeth

Wake up, Wake up, Get up quick

Wake up. Wash your hands

Wake up, Wake up, Get up quick

Wake up, Wake up, Wash your face

Wake up, Wake up, Get up Quick

Wake up, Wake up, Go to school

Wake up, Wake up, Get up quick.

One For Sorrow Poem

English poem for kids
one for sorrow poem for kids

One for Sorrow,

Two for joy,

Three for a girl,

Four for a boy,

Five for a Silver,

Six for gold,

Seven for a Secret,

That is never to be told.

Pumpkin Eater English Poem

English poem for kids
pumpkin eater poem for kids

Peter, Peter,

Pumpkin eater,

Had wife and

could not keep her.

He put her in a

Pumpkin shell

And there he

Kept her very well.

“This English poem is designed specifically for young children, especially those in early grades. As they embark on their first journey to school, it’s crucial to provide them with poems or rhymes that they can learn and enjoy. It’s our responsibility to support our children in their learning process, and when the poems are easy and enjoyable to read, they will undoubtedly learn and have fun while doing so.”

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Gandhi ji ke bandar | Poem for kids|

Gandhi ji ke bandar hindi poem for kids: Gandhi ji ke bandar बच्चो के लिये बनाई हुई आसन hindi poem. बच्चो को अच्छाई और सच्चाई पर चलने के लिए कहती है| यह hindi poem बच्चो का मनोरंजन करती है साथ में उन्हें अच्छी बाते भी बताती है | funny हिन्दी पोएम

gandhi je ke bandar hindi poem
gandhi je ke bandar hindi poem

गाँधी जी के बन्दर तीन,
सिखाते है हमे यह बात |
बुरी चीज़ को मत देखो ,
बुरा ना मुहं से तुम बोलो,
बुरी बात ना सुनना तुम ,
बातें याद ये रखना तुम
याद रखोगे यदि यह बात
आएँगी जीवन भर काम |
गांधी जी के बंदर तीन
सिखाते हैं हमे यह बात |

English Font

Gandhi ji ke bandar teen
Sikhate hain hume yeh baat,
Buri cheez ko mat dekho
Bura na muh se Tum bolo,
Buri baat na Sunna tum
Baate yad ye rakhna tum.
Yad rakhoge yadi yeh baat,
aayengi jeevan bhar kaam.
Gandhi ji ke bandar Teen
sikhate hain hume yeh baat.

बुरी बात को कभी ना बोलो हिंदी पोएम – Buri baat Hindi Poem

बुरी बात को कभी ना बोलो
बुरी तरफ आंखे मत खोलो|
बुरी बात को कहना पाप ,
बुरी बात को सुन्ना पाप |
बापू की शिक्षा ये मानो,
अच्छाई को तुम पहचानो
अच्छाई पर चलते रहना,
बुरी बात से डरते रहना।

English Font

buri baat ko kbhi na bolo
buri taraf Ankhe mat kholo,
buri baat ko kehna paap
buri baat ko sunna paap,
baapu ki shiksha yeh mano,
acchayi ko tum pehchano.
acchayi par chlte rehna,
buri baat se darte rehna.

इस प्रकार की अच्छी और आसन कवितायेँ पढने के लिए यह click करें साथ ही अपने comments से हमे बताये आपको यह poem केसी लगी | हसी मजाक के साथ ही यह कविता बच्चो को सचाई और अच्छाई के रस्ते पर चलने के लिए बोलती है |

Nursery Poem

Nursery class poem

Nursery Poem for kids. In conclusion, the article provides a glimpse into the ways in which poetry can be used in a nursery, and how it has been used for centuries to help children learn important life skills. It is clear that poetry is an important tool for young children, and that there are many different ways to use it. ( 25 Fruits name with picture )

Rat-Tat-Tat Nursery Poem


Who can it be?

Let’s go and see.

Here is the postman,

Knocking at the door.

Have you any letters?

One, two, three, four.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Poem

Twinkle twinkle little star,

How do I wonder what you are?

Up above the world so high,

like a diamond in the sky.

The Clock Poem

Tick,Tock, Tick, Tock

Merrily sings the clock

It’s time for work,

It’s time for play

So, it sings throughout the day.

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Rhyming & Poem For Nursery kids

rhyming and poem for nursery kids

Rhyming & Poem for Nursery kids | short and rememberable poem and rhyming for kids. A sweet jingle that can easily learn by kids.

What would you like | Rhyming for kids

Hello! Bunny Rabbit

What would you like?

A nice juicy carrot

sweet and ripe,

Hello! Mr. Monkey

what would you like?

A bunch of Banana

sweet and ripe

Hello! Busy Bear

What would you like?

A pot of Golden honey

sweet and ripe.

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Clap your hands Rhyming for kids

Clap your hands

clap your hands

Listen to the music

And clap your hands.

stamp your feet

stamp your feet

listen to the music

And stamp your feet.

Jump up high

Jump up high

Listen to the music

And jump up high.

Turn around

Turn around

Listen to the music

And turn around.

Clap your hands

Clap your hands

Listen to the music

And clap your hands.

Rhyming and poem for Nursery kids

Teddy Bear Poem

Teddy Bear, teddy bear, turn around

Teddy bear, teddy bear touch the ground

Teddy bear, teddy bear, polish the shoes.

Teddy bear, teddy bear, off to school.

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