The Magical frog | English Moral story |

The Magical frog | English Moral Story for kids |

In a village, an old man lived happily with his son Renki and his wife. One day he called his son Renki and said son, now the time has come for both of us to go. But before we die, our wish is when we die, you go to the market and buy whatever you see at first sight, no matter how much expensive it is.

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Renki used to listen to his parents a lot. After their death, he did what his parents had told him. He went to the market and saw a silver box. Renki asked the owner of the box, can you sell this box to me? I am ready to pay any price for it. The owner of the box sold that box to Renki for 10 times the price.

The Magical frog
The Magical frog

Renki came home and showed that box to his wife. When he opened that box, a frog jumped out of it and came out. Both of them began to love the frog. Feed him good food and serve him a lot.
The special thing about that frog was that he was growing up like a man. His diet was also increasing day by day, he used to eat all the food in the house. Renki and his wife had to sleep hungry because of the frog.

Reward Time (English moral story)

One day Frog said to Renki’s wife that, ” you have served me very well. I am very happy that I was taking your examination. You two are really good people, tell me what do you want?” Renki’s wife said, we have not eaten anything for a long time, can you bring food, on hearing this, the frog pointed and a table full of delicious food came there. Seeing this, she was very happy, so Renki also came there.

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The frog said that “tomorrow morning you both will walk with me in the forest.” The next morning both the husband and wife went to the forest with the frog. The frog told them, dig it under the tree, here’s something for you. When both of them excavated, they found a box full of gold and silver jewelry. The frog said that you have served your parents and me without any greed, this is your reward for that service.

Saying this, the frog disappeared from there, both husband and wife brought the box full of gold and silver to their house and started living their life happily.

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Moral: We should always obey our parents.

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  1. Great! Children’s vocabulary is improved by telling stories to them on a regular basis. The book teaches them new terms and their meanings. It has been proven that youngsters who listen to a story at night on a regular basis grow up to be more creative and able to express themselves more beautifully. Thank you.


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