The clever goat | Short English story |

The clever goat | Short English story for kids |The story tells how a goat saves their kid from a wolf |

In a forest, a goat lived with its baby. Once Lembi, a goat baby, fell ill. Even after many days, he did not recover. The goat was getting very worried about the illness of her child.

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One day the goat was going out of the forest to get some medicines for her baby. She was talking loudly to herself – How long has my lembi been sick, what if it doesn’t get better? The goat loved her child very much.

The Clever Goat| English story for kids
English story for kids

She was going on talking to herself when suddenly her eyes fell on the wolf who was secretly listening to the goat. But the goat was not aware that the wolf had listened to all his words.

The clever goat | Short English story |

She got scared seeing the wolf and started running fast to avoid him.
The wolf said – Oh wait, sister!
Hearing this, the goat started running faster.
The wolf said – wait oh sister, your child has been sick for a long time, isn’t it?
Hearing the wolf, the goat immediately stopped and said – how do you know that my child is sick?
The wolf said I am a very wise wolf, I know everything and I also know how to cure your child. I can cure him too.
The poor troubled goat came in the words of the wolf and started saying – “If so, please come to my house to treat my child.”
The wolf smiled and said – yes, yes sister why not!

Goat brings wolf at home ( Short English Story for kids)

When the goat showed its baby to the wolf after reaching home, the wolf’s mouth watered after seeing the child. The wolf thought – “Oh wow today you will get to eat such soft and delicious food.”
When the wolf was engrossed in his own imagination, dripping saliva from his mouth, the goat saw him, and upon seeing him, she understood all his cunning. The goat was terrified but acted patiently.

Goat cleverness ( The Clever Goat )

Goat said – wolf brother, I will prepare tea for you?
The wolf said happily – sure why not
The goat quickly prepares the tea, and as the wolf extends its hand to eat the baby, the goat cleverly drops the hot tea on the wolf and makes a loud noise, and gathers all the animals in the forest.
Elephants, bears, rhinoceros all the animals come when the goat makes noise and they all together beat the wolf a lot and drive him out of the forest.

Goat thanks all the animals.

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