Tenaliram Story: The Division of Diamonds

Tenaliram Story: The Division of Diamonds.

There was an efficient and intelligent minister named Pandit Tenalirama Krishna in the king’s court. Once a case came into court that it became difficult for the Maharaj to do justice. In this situation, Tenalirama acted judiciously and resolved the king’s confusion.

It so happened that one day a man named Shyamu came to the palace to seek justice. The king asked him to tell the whole thing so that justice could be done to him. Shyam told that when he was going somewhere with his master yesterday, he found a bundle containing three shining diamonds on the way.

Tenaliram story

Seeing the diamond, I said that the lord has the right of the king over these diamonds, so they should be deposited in the royal treasury. Hearing this, Swami got furious and said that there is no need to tell anyone about the diamond. We’ll halve them. Hearing this, I also became greedy and I returned home with my master.

On reaching his mansion, Swami refused to give me the diamonds and ran away from the mansion. Injustice has been done to me sir please do justice to me.

Listening to Shyamu, the king immediately ordered his master to be present in the court. Shyam’s master was very wicked and greedy. When he came to the court, he told Maharaj that it is true that we had got the diamonds, but I had given all the diamonds to Shyamu to be deposited in the treasury. Shyam is a very greedy man, so he is coming to you and telling lies.

Tenaliram Short English Story: The Division of Diamonds

King said what is the proof that you are telling the truth. Shyam’s owner said you can ask the rest of the servants, they were all present there. When the king asked the three accompanying servants, they said that the owner had given Shyam a bundle full of diamonds, which should be with Shyam now.

Now the king did not understand who was telling the truth and who was lying. The king ordered to end the meeting and said that I have heard both sides but we will give the decision after some time.

The king asked all his ministers to give their advice in the form of a palace. Somebody said that Shyamu is greedy, he is telling lies, then someone said that Shyam’s master is a liar and all his servants are with him. The king looked at Tenalirama who stood as calm as ever. The king asked what do you think, Tenalirama.

Tenalirama said, “Maharaj I will solve this problem, I just need the cooperation of all of you. The king was very curious to know who was lying. Maharaj said, tell Tenali what we have to do. Tenali said you all hide behind the curtain, I will get the truth out now.

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The king wanted to solve this matter as soon as possible, so the king ordered everyone to hide behind the curtain and along with all the ministers himself agreed to hide behind curtain.

Now only Tenali was standing in the king’s room, everyone else was hiding behind the curtain. He asked his servant to send three servants one by one to me. The servant first brought the servant along.

Tenalirama asked him, “Did your master give the bundle to Shyamu in front of you.” The servant answered yes. Now Tenalirama put a piece of paper and a Pan in front of him and asked him to draw a picture of that diamond. The servant panicked and said, “When the master gave the diamonds to Shyamu, he was in the red bale.”

Tenalirama said, “Okay, you stand here now.” After this, the next servant was called. Tenalirama asked the other servant the same, “Make a picture of the diamonds you have seen. The servant took the paper and drew three circular figures on it.

Division of Diamonds: Tenaliram Story

Now the third servant was asked, and he said, “I did not see the diamonds but they were in green clothes.” In this, the king and the rest of the ministers came out of the screen. Seeing them, the three servants were terrified and understood that by giving different answers, everyone understood that they are liars.

He: The three servants fell at the feet of the king and said that it was not his fault, but the master had told them to lie or threatened to kill them.

Listening to the servants, the king ordered the soldiers to search the owner’s house. All three diamonds were found at the owner’s house after a search. He was punished for the dishonesty of the owner. The king ordered that the owner would give 1 thousand gold currency to Shyamu and 10 thousand gold currency would be deposited in the treasury as a fine. In this way, Shyam got justice from the wisdom of Tenalirama and returned happily From the king’s court. ( Fruits name in Hindi & English )

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