Bad compatible | The Story of Lions and wolf

Bad compatible | The story of the lion and wolf.

There lived a lazy and evil wolf in a forest. He did not do any work and lived in this jugaad, someone should arrange a hunt for him. One day he met a young lion. He caught her in the trap of his friendship by talking sweetly. The lion’s parents knew that the wolf was very evil, so they had already warned the lion never to be friends with the wolf. You can get into trouble because of him, so stay away from him always. But the lion did not listen to him and made friends with the wolf.

Bad compatible story

Now the lion and the wolf had become good friends. The lion hunted and brought it and both the wolf and the lion used to eat it together. One day the eyes of the wolf fell on the horses, they were drinking water on the bank of the lake. Seeing the horses, the wolf’s mouth watered. He made a plan by which he would persuade the lion to hunt the horse.

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He went and told the lion, we are tired of eating goats and other animals every day, why should something be done differently. Taxes become very powerful, you hunt them. The lion said, okay, take me to the lake where the horses come, I will hunt them. The wolf took the lion there and the lion hid behind the bush, as soon as the horses came there, the lion attacked and caught a horse and both the lion and the wolf feasted on it.

Bad company |The story of the lion and wolf |

When the lion’s parents came to know that the lion had hunted the horse, they became very upset because they knew that the horse belonged to the king and if the king came to know about this, he would get the lion killed. He called the lion and explained, son, stay away from the wolf, his company is not good, he will put you in trouble. The horses you are hunting belong to the king and if the king comes to know about this he will kill you.

But the lion did not listen to his parents and left from there. And started hunting the horse every day, when the king came to know about this, he arranged water for the horses in his palace itself, he did not want to kill the lion because he knew the parents of the lion. The lion’s parents were friends of the king.

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But the wolf was very wicked. He provoked the lion, you are very powerful, and you can even go to the king’s palace and kill the horse. You are very strong, you have nothing to fear. The lion thought that the wolf was right, that’s why the king feared me and kept the horses in his palace.

The Story of Lions and wolf

Thinking this, he started towards the palace for horse hunting. When the king saw the lion in the palace. he got very angry and ordered his soldier to kill the lion. Soldiers attacked him with arrows and killed him. The wolf ran away in fear, but the lion had to lose his life for not obeying his parents.

Moral: The one who does not listen to the advice of his elders, and lives in the company of bad people, has to lose his life like this.

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