Bird story |2 precious things said by the bird

English moral story

Bird story | 2 precious things said by the bird | English Moral story |

Once a rich man caught a bird and put it in a cage.

The bird started praying to the man, “Please set me free.

If you let me go, I will tell you the secret of happiness. The man was rich but not happy. He wanted to know the secret of happiness. So he freed the bird from the cage.

Listen, the bird said, “Never cry over the things that have happened.” And never trust useless things.” That is the secret of happiness.

The man did not find this thing special. He said, “It’s just stupid advice!”

The bird flew a little higher and said, “You have made a big mistake by setting me free. There are rare diamonds under my wings. You won’t find any of them now.”

Now the man was really very angry and very sad. The man said, “Oh no! How stupid am I!

You evil bird! Wait until I catch you again.” He started moaning.

Bird story |2 precious things said by the bird

The bird said, “Don’t be foolish sir”. “You are the good man that you let me go. So I gave you a good piece of advice. Think about the advice I gave you.

In the first thing I said, don’t cry over what has happened. I am already far away from you. You can’t hold me again. So why make yourself sad about it?

Secondly, how can an ordinary bird like me have diamonds under its wings?

“Those were my useless words”. It is a mistake to rely on such words!

Follow my advice and be happy. Bye

Saying this the bird flew away.

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