With Starlink Aviation, SpaceX hopes to provide 350 Mbps satellite internet on aeroplanes.

The Starlink satellite internet service from spaceX has been officially unveiled, and it promises to provide speeds of up to 350 Mbps for each aircraft.

Ed Bastian, the chief executive of Delta, said last year that the company ran "exploratory testing" on Starlink's internet system on board its planes.

The Federal Communications Commission granted the business permission to offer satellite internet services to vehicles soon after it launched Starlink for RVs.

As long as the aircraft equipped with its Aero Terminals has an unhindered view of the sky, Starlink Aviation will be accessible anywhere in the world, according to the 

company's FAQ page. One or more of the service's satellites are almost constantly visible overhead because they are in low earth orbit. According to SpaceX, 

this guarantees that users will always have access to the internet, whether the aircraft is flying over land or water or even during takeoff or landing.

Only a few aircraft will initially have access to the service, but the company aims to provide support for more airframes in the future.The first airlines to offer the service as an

 in-flight WiFi option are likely to announce it in the coming months as SpaceX plans to begin delivering the kits for the Starlink Aviation Aero Terminal in 2023.