White Gen Z has recently "discovered" AAVE.

A SocialBee post with the heading "Expressions That Gen Z Coined" stopped me in my tracks the other day while I was scrolling through my Twitter feed.

Black people have created and used these "epressions" as everyday language since before I was born

As was to be expected, Black Twitter exposed the terrible corporation for what it was.

A variety of blogs written by the social media management company are posted on its website and provide marketing guidance and tips for content production.

However, after catching a glance of their blog post, one Twitter user asserted that Gen Z had compiled a list of concepts that were directly lifted from the AAVE language.

Because of how much more engaging it makes their content and narrative,

 many non-Black producers have adopted a black accent and AAVE to improve their viewership.

However, they dress up in our vernacular because they merely see it as a way to have fun.

Then, as if it had never existed before, they start to advertise our language as being new and contemporary.