When Will Social Security Benefits for September 2022 Be Sent

Starting on September 14, Social Security benefits are expected to be paid out. The Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for 2022 has increased

due to rising inflation to 5.9%, the highest level in almost 40 years, and a nearly double-digit increase is anticipated for 2023.

Your money will be given out on September 14 if your birthday falls between the first and tenth of the month. if it will fall between September 11 and September 20

 it will be given out on Sep 21 & if your birthday falls between August 21 and August 31 Your payment will be given out on September 28.

You may potentially be eligible for Supplemental Security Income if your Social Security benefits are insufficient to cover your essential living costs (SSI).

Adults and kids with disabilities that prevent them from working get monthly compensation through the SSI programme. 

The SSI programme is also open to people 65 and older with low incomes and resources.

The SSI monthly benefit cap for 2022 is $841, so claimants might get as much as $1,682 in September.

According to some forecasts, the COLA will rise by 8–10%, according to AARP. Benefits would increase by $150 per month with a 9% COLA increase.

The COLA for the following year, on the other hand, will be revealed in October and will be based on changes in consumer prices until the end of September.