What Was Walt Disney's Net Worth When He Died

In the late 1920s, Walt Disney battled for recognition and to establish his animation firm. 

It's doubtful that he imagined that his name would one day rank among the most recognizable in media history at the time.

The Seven Dwarfs and Snow White was his debut feature picture. The movie paved the door for the media mogul of today.

Disney's first position was as a commercial illustrator when he was 18 years old. Early in the 1920s, the young Walt Disney emigrated to California and founded 

a studio therewith his brother Roy Disney. In 1928, the Disney brothers collaborated with Ub Iwerks to design the enduring figure of Mickey Mouse.

The character was effective, As the Disney Brother Studio expanded, Disney got more daring, attempting novel things like synchronized sound, 

full-length cartoons, three-strip Technicolor in full color, and advancements in camera technology.

Disney's net worth at the time of his passing was between $100 million and $150 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

The source further claims that his ownership in his own company alone is now worth $600 million.

Disney was worth between $750 million and $1.1 billion when inflation was taken into account.