UK'S PM Liz Truss’s net worth and background.

After defeating Rishi Sunak in the election, Liz Truss is now the third female prime minister of the UK and the new head of the Conservative Party.

Liz Truss began working at Shell while earning her accounting certification in 1996, the year she received her degree from Oxford University's Merton College.

She started working for Cable & Wireless in 2000 and eventually rose to the position of economic director before quitting in 2005.

At that point, she entered politics. But following two defeats in elections, she joined Reform in 2008 as a full-time deputy director.

Later, in 2010, she was elected to represent South West Norfolk as an MP. Since then, she has held several important positions within the government.

Money Transfers estimates Liz Truss's fortune at £8.4 million.

Two salary streams made up the total sum. He earned £79,936 as Prime Minister and £84,144 as a Member of Parliament.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority sets the Prime Minister's pay (IPSA). They so have the final say about Liz Truss' salary.