Tom Brady's penalty for kicking a Falcons defender is officially decided by the NFL.

In the fourth quarter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, a contentious roughing the passer call favored Tom Brady.

Brady, however, is also also being punished for the play.

Grady Jarrett of the Falcons' defensive line seemed to sack Brady on a third down, but the play was called back due to roughing the passer, thus Brady attempted to kick Jarrett. 

The NFL intends to punish Brady more than $11,000 for the incident, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Brady attempted to kick Jarrett with his right leg as Jarrett rose up after throwing Brady to the ground, but it appeared that Brady was aiming for an illegal area.

It was one of two roughing the passer penalties that caused controversy throughout the NFL in Week Five and allowed the Buccaneers to win 21-15.

On Thursday, Brady minimized the significance of the flag, claiming that dealing with disputed calls is a normal part of life in the NFL.

The NFL has since declared that it will not change its policies regarding roughing the quarterback.