To help the Cowboys defeat the Giants, CeeDee Lamb makes crucial plays.

As long as Dak Prescott is out of the lineup, the Dallas Cowboys need all of their best players to contribute more.

Monday night's fourth quarter saw CeeDee Lamb doing little. The Cowboys' new top receiver hadn't made much of an impression.

Lamb came alive in the fourth quarter, when the Cowboys most needed him. He survived a brutal hit while holding onto a 4-yard reception on fourth-and-4.

He ran away for 26 yards, stopping at the 1-yard line. After that, he made an amazing touchdown catch by tapping his toes in the end zone while catching 

a Cooper Rush ball with one hand. It was a highlight-reel catch.For the Cowboys, who are attempting to remain in the postseason race until Prescott recovers, 

those three plays made the biggest difference in a decisive 23-16 victory.Rush is the starter for Dallas, and his team's record of 2-0 is greater than anyone could have anticipated. 

Dallas' victory on Monday night will be a major factor if it advances to the postseason. And a lot of the credit should go to Lamb.

On Monday night, Rush performed his duties once more. The defence was outstanding. However, despite a difficult beginning, Lamb emerged as the victor.