Tiger woods can break Sam Snead's PGA Tour record - Notah Begay.

Sam Snead's record may be surpassed by Tiger Woods. A longtime buddy of Woods advises not to wager against him.

Notah Begay III stated that he thinks Woods still has at least one more good run at Snead's record in a wide-ranging interview with Golfweek around the time of his 50th birthday. 

Woods returned to play in three major championships this year after recovering from a serious car accident in February 2021.

With 82 PGA Tour victories overall, Woods is presently tied with Snead.

At some point, I believe he still has one more stretch of golf in him," Begay remarked. "I'm hoping to be there when it occurs."

This year, Woods played in the Masters, PGA Championship, and Open Championship. He made the cut in the first two events before withdrawing from the St. Andrews weekend.

Begay said that he could imagine Woods playing in the PGA Tour Champions and said, "It's the right spot. A cart and 54 holes are provided.

Begay remarked, "That person has got a remarkable level of pain tolerance. He's making an effort. He wishes to play once more. 

Don't rule out the possibility of him breaking that win total in the future.