There will be a prequel to Disney's best film.

California's Anaheim is now hosting the D23 expo. This four-day gathering is devoted to everything Disney.

San Diego Comic-Con features a significant presence from Marvel, but there are still more announcements planned for this event.

Disney released a slew of fresh announcements yesterday night regarding Pixar, live-action remakes, and its animated films despite the superhero news.

A live-action prequel to the 2019 hit The Lion King is one of those announcements. 

Disney is formally putting together a live-action prequel that will explore Mufasa's life. Its name, Mufasa: The Lion King, is fitting.

The 2019 version of The Lion King, which is perhaps the best Disney animated film ever made, did the original's humor and emotion credit by emulating them to the same extent.

Aaron Pierre, who will portray the character's younger self, is expected to take over for James Earl Jones, who voiced Mufasa for the 2019 remake.

Chiwetel Ejiofor will be replaced as Scar by Kelvin Harrison Jr. Interestingly, Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner are believed to reprise their roles as Timon and Pumbaa.

Mufasa: The Lion King will be directed by Barry Jenkins. The famous film he directed, Moonlight, earned the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Mufasa: The Lion King will be released in 2024, while no precise date was specified.