The most modern aircraft carrier ever constructed is now under construction after years of delays.

Five years after being commissioned into service and 15 years after being given its name, the USS Gerald R. Ford,

the Navy's most technologically advanced aircraft carrier,is currently on its first deployment.

The quick deployment to the Atlantic is intended to put the systems that caused its debut to be delayed to the test. With eight other nations, the carrier and

 its strike group will practice. With respect to some of the 23 new technologies it incorporates, the Ford had numerous delays.

The Ford is the first carrier to replace its conventional steam-powered catapult system with an electromagnetic one. 

The new technology is anticipated to enhance flight volume by 33%, extend aircraft life, and handle heavier aircraft, such as advanced drones.

According to Capt. Lanzilotta, "on the surface of the sea," this vessel will be "certainly the most powerful warship that our Navy has ever put to sea, possibly any Navy ever."

The Ford is also the most costly warship in Navy history according to her $13 billion price tag.

The Ford is still a little behind the times despite all of its modern technology. The carrier is not yet equipped to handle the F-35s, the most modern fighter jets.