The Lowry on Some LIV Golfers at Wentworth

I just can't stand them being here, Lowry said of some LIV golfers at Wentworth.

According to Shane Lowry, he wouldn't have gone to this week's BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth 

if he were playing because he "can't stand" some of the LIV Golf opponents.

The 2019 Open champion expressed unhappiness with some LIV competitors and accused them of being deliberately disruptive during Europe's most prestigious competition.

According to Lowry, there are some of the folks that I kind of don't mind having here given what they have done for the Tour over the years.

To be really honest, there are some guys that I simply cannot stand to be around.

I find it bothersome that they are here. I believe the one thing that has really bothered me over the past few months is that they are all trying to be disruptive.

They are undoubtedly present in order to boost their global position, but I don't like how disruptive they are.