The first-ever all-electric passenger aircraft flies for the first time.

Finally taking off is the first passenger electric aircraft in the world. After numerous problems and delays, The historic flight that ushers passenger planes 

into the EV era finally took place on Tuesday with the Eviation Aircraft Alice.According to CNN, the first Alice trip was brief and only eight minutes long. 

The electric vehicle aircraft took flight early on Tuesday from Grant County International Airport in Washington and climbed to a height of 3,500 feet.The maximum operational 

speed of the aircraft is 260 knots, or slightly under 300 miles per hour, and it is propelled by two 640 kW (858 hp) electric motors, according to GeekWire. However, the battery's

capacity hasn't been decided.According to Gregory Davis, CEO of Eviation, the company is aiming for a maximum range of 200 to 300 nautical miles, which would enable the

passenger aircraft to make trips of between 150 and 250 miles. The Alice will transport up to nine people and two pilots, with a maximum cargo capacity of 2,600 pounds.

Of course, there were no passengers on board the EV passenger jet during its test flight on Tuesday. Test pilot Steve Crane said that

 this is merely the first of many incremental steps.Since we switched from piston engines to turbine engines, the propulsion technology of the aircraft has not changed. 

The last time a totally new technology like this came together was in the 1950s.