The COVID state of emergency will terminate in February 2023, according to California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, said on Monday that the COVID-19 state of emergency will be lifted in February 2023, almost three years after

it was first proclaimed. According to Newsom's administration, the lengthy period will give local governments time to make the required adjustments while also

better preparing the state's healthcare system for any potential increase in COVID cases following the holidays.

Statement made by Newsom "California is ready to phase out this tool with the operational readiness we've built up and the steps we'll continue to use moving forward."

According to a news release from Newsom's office, the emergency declaration made it possible for California to have the lowest death rate among big states.

The state's "SMARTER Plan" will direct California's "plan to best safeguard people from COVID-19" as the state of emergency is gradually lifted, according to Newsom's office.

Last Monday, the federal government decided to prolong the COVID-19 public health emergency until January 11, 2023. 

Health experts are concerned about a winter surge, and the action was taken weeks after President Biden declared the outbreak to be "finished."