Tesla has unveiled a significant update to combat range anxiety.

Every Tesla vehicle has the company's energy app, which provides various information regarding your car's energy usage over time. The focus of the most recent update's

 useful feature additions is range. Your Tesla will be able to provide you advice on how to increase the range of your electric vehicle in addition to comparing its power usage to

early estimates.The amount of power required to cause the wheels to rotate will depend on factors such as driving speed, load weight, and road conditions. Additionally, amenities

 like the heater, air conditioner, and any other electrics connected to your automobile will contribute to battery drain. As a result, your overall driving range is reduced.

Tesla is addressing these issues head-on by providing range-preserving advice within the vehicle. The first is providing advise on how to prevent wasting power,

such as lowering the temperature down a few degrees or choosing heated seats, and providing ideas on how to maximize range where the driver can see them.

The Tesla energy screen will now display the location of energy consumption, which is far more useful. How many battery percentage points have been lost as a result

of temperature regulation, changes in elevation, battery conditioning for optimum performance, and other factors.

Tesla must once more be the one to demonstrate what is feasible. It would be good if the rest of the industry could approach "innovation" with a bit more vigor.