Tennessee is getting a $2.2 billion stadium that will change the game.

According to reports, the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Mayor John Cooper have reached an agreement over the construction of the NFL team's new home.

After months of negotiations, an announcement will reportedly be made soon, according to Axios. The price could reach $2.2 billion.

The dome design of the Titans' new stadium would make it more desirable as a venue for major sporting events like the Super Bowl.

The Titans' present home, Nissan Stadium, would not be able to host the Super Bowl due to Nashville's chilly winters.

If the concept is approved by Metro Council, the new stadium would be constructed by I-24 and to the east of Nissan Stadium, according to Axios.

According to Axios, Tennessee would generate close to $800 million in private money. In terms of financing the government, the state has already issued bonds totaling

 $500 million, and Davidson County will levy a 1% tax on hotel room rents.The Tennessee Titans have built a reputation as a reliable playoff challenger

 over the past few of years, which has given them the momentum to build a new stadium and draw a larger viewership.