Southwest makes a change that many passengers will appreciate.

The airline has taken action for passengers on its aircraft, sort of demonstrating that the covid epidemic is truly history.

When the regulations were strictest  the airline stopped providing alcohol and only offered water, coffee, Coke, and Diet Coke as beverage options.

Not supplying alcohol made things easier and prevented already irate passengers from making poor decisions while intoxicated. 

and one that was maintained for almost two years.Southwest is now changing its cuisine in addition to selling and serving alcohol on board its aircraft.

In a press release, the business disclosed. Southwest will include tonic water, apple juice, Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper, hot tea, and hot cocoa on flights that are 176 miles or longer.

Along with the already available Coke, Diet Coke, 7 Up, water, ginger ale, seltzer water, orange juice, cranberry cocktail juice, and coffee, these new beverage 

alternatives are now available.Additionally, the airline reinstated its selection of alcoholic beverages from before the COVID epidemic.

Southwest informs passengers of this federal regulation on every flight. As a result, travelers are only allowed to purchase alcohol from the airline.