South Carolina is expected to be hit by Ian once it regains hurricane strength.

Forecasters predicted that Tropical Storm Ian, which ploughed into the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday after pummeling Florida, 

would strengthen as it turned north and make landfall once more as a hurricane on Friday in South Carolina.The National Weather Service issued a hurricane warning for

South Carolina's entire coastline, warning that hurricane-force winds would likely get there by early Friday, far before the storm's eye would hit the shore.

A storm surge warning was also issued by the Weather Service for parts of four states. 

The coasts of Georgia and South Carolina, as well as northeast Florida and the Neuse River in North Carolina, might see life-threatening conditions.

States of emergency have been declared by the governors of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

On Friday and Saturday, as the storm progresses further north, North Carolina may experience flooding, tornadoes, and seven inches or more of rain in some coastal areas.

Landslides in the southern Appalachians and "significant" flash, urban, and river floods this weekend were predicted by the National Weather Service for the area.