Serena Williams suggests that she may not be retired by citing Tom Brady's "cool trend":

Serena Williams appeared good as she progressed to the third round of the US Open.

Additionally, she appeared to be having a great time. Is it possible that she isn't really retired after all?

She made a hint about it on Wednesday by referring to Tom Brady's "cool trend."

The remark was similar to what she said to host Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday, when she said Tom Brady created "this great trend."

Brady announced his retirement from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in February without using the word "retirement," in case you somehow missed his "cool Trend."

He revealed that he was genuinely returning to football six weeks later. On Sunday, he played in the Bucs' 19-3 victory over the Dallas Cowboys, marking his 2022 NFL debut.

Williams, like Brady, avoided using the word "retirement," but in August he made what amounted to a retirement statement.

Will she thus return for the Australian Open in January? Perhaps later? If such were the case, she would undoubtedly get a warm welcome upon her return to tennis.