Response from NFL World to the Aaron Rodgers Jumbotron News.

The Raymond James Stadium jumbotron was allegedly where Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers claimed to have seen something.

following Sunday's victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which handed his team a late-game advantage.

Rodgers addressed his comments made following the game on The Pat McAfee Show, where he frequently guest-hosts.

He clarified that the back-to-back league MVP's observations had nothing to do with the Buccaneers' unsuccessful two-point effort to tie the game.

"Four plays prior to the two-point conversion, I notified Matt LaFleur about something I thought I had seen. I'm not sure if that actually

 had anything to do with that play.", according to Rodgers on Tuesday

On Twitter, the NFL community reacted to Rodgers' comments."a follower commented.

"I don't know, but it still seems like he observed a PLAY, albeit not the one that resulted in the two points. Evidently, one of the jumbotron staff members is still being let go,

The Packers will play the New England Patriots in Week 4 with the goal of continuing their winning run.