Reactions To Tiger Woods, Masters News In The Golf World.

There are no longer any questions about Tiger Woods' eligibility for the Masters in 2023. His close friend Notah Begay III assured him that he would "certainly" attend.

During the Furyk and Friends Champions' tournament, Begay talked about Woods' outlook. He identified the main obstacle that Woods must overcome going ahead.

Begay added, "I know that if you just look at the stats that are relevant to his golf swing in terms of club head speed, 

ball speed, and his ability to execute golf shots, it's still all there.

While Woods' presence at August National in April is welcomed by golf fans all over the world, some are concerned about his endurance.

It's not exactly what Woods' fans want to hear that walking 72 holes is a difficult challenge for him.

The idea that he was playing golf in April is incredible, according to a fan who wrote, "If he is still trying to figure out how to walk 72 holes."

Woods participated in the Masters this year. Although he made the cut, he had a terrible day on the last day and finished the competition with a score of 13 over par.

It would be appropriate if Woods made his final title run at Augusta National if he still had one left in him.