One NFL franchise will likely be put up for sale soon.

The Denver Broncos, the most recent NFL team to be put up for sale, did so last month and achieved a record price of $4.65 billion.

The Seattle Seahawks could be the next team to go on the market, according to Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, and that could happen soon.

Irsay said he thinks the Seahawks will be offered for sale by roughly 2024, or in just a few short years, in an interview with Bloomberg.

In an interview for Bloomberg's "Business of Sports" programme, Irsay stated, "There's going to be a few." 

With the passing of my buddy Paul Allen and the fact that the Seattle Seahawks are owned by a trust, Seattle will probably become available around 2024.

Irsay admits that although the team will be up for sale and would probably draw a lot of attention, 

it might be challenging to find a buyer given the NFL franchises' soaring valuation.There are a lot of incredibly talented people out there, 

but the challenge right now is finding people with the wealth to really buy a club. It's quite challenging.