On Sunday, Jimmy Garoppolo earned an additional $350,000, and it might happen more frequently.

When he decided to stay with the 49ers, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo reduced his basic pay from $25.62 million to $6.5 million.

 But according to his updated agreement, that's just the start.

Garoppolo earned an additional $350,000 on Sunday. And he will receive that same salary in any game the 49ers win and he plays at least 25% of the snaps.

Goropolo will earn at least $3.750 million in addition to his base pay if he stays healthy for the remainder of the season (which is far from a guarantee).

Additionally, he receives a maximum of $500,000 for every game he plays while on the roster of 46 players.

As a result, $6.5 million can increase to $10.75 million if at least 25% of the offensive snaps in each game are taken by the player. 

The 49ers will receive an additional $1 million if they win 10 more games.

Before postseason bonuses, he will be eligible for $500,000 if he plays at least half the snaps in a playoff game that ends before the conference championship, 

another $500,000 if his team wins that game, and $1 million if he plays at least half the snaps in the Super Bowl.