Officials advise Californians to practise energy conservation after the Bay Area experiences record temperatures

State officials have issued a warning about blackouts across the state as certain regions of the San Francisco Bay Area experience record-high temperatures and Californians battle the extreme heat.

According to the National Weather Service, Livermore, which is in the eastern section of the Bay Area, experienced its hottest temperature ever on Monday, hitting 116 degrees.

According to NWS, Gilroy, California, also reached 112 degrees on Monday, tying the previous records established in 2017 and 2020, 

and Santa Rosa, California, broke its previous record of 110 degrees by doing so.

Governor Gavin Newsom stated in a video shared on Twitter on Tuesday that California is experiencing a record-breaking heat wave that might be the state's hottest and longest for the month of September.

Residents of the state have been praised by CAISO for contributing to energy load reduction by using as little energy as feasible. The state's energy grid could experience its biggest demand ever on Tuesday,

topping the previous record of 50,270 megawatts set in 2006, according to forecasts, which indicated that Tuesday's demand could exceed 51,000 megawatts.

Due to the pressure that the severe heat is placing on the electricity infrastructure, CAISO issued an Energy Emergency Alert to residents Tuesday evening urging them to conserve energy.

The group advised locals to pre-cool their homes early in the day, set their thermostats to 78 degrees, switch off lights when not in use, disconnect unwanted electronics, and turn off lights when not in use.