NFL World Responds To News Of Tom Brady's Divorce.

Recently, Page Six broke a shocking story about Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady. It appears that they have retained divorce lawyers.

Although it appears to be the end of them, one source told Page Six, "I never honestly imagined this dispute would be the end of them." "I don't anticipate

any returning at this time. They are examining the terms of a split, including who will receive what and how much money will change hands. They each have attorneys.

Brady and Bundchen's argument about his choice to leave retirement has been well-documented. However, it appeared that a reconciliation was always possible.

Many of Brady's followers are now questioning his recent moves in light of the information that they hired divorce lawyers.

One fan remarked, "Now he's never going to retire."

Another fan humorously tweeted, "This man came back for us, the fans, to entertain us for another season in the league."

Brady and Bundchen would share joint custody of their kids if they did decide to divorce legally.