New court filing reveals further LIV golf rules, such as player suspensionsand media rights.

LIV players have more control over their media rights, something Phil Mickelson had trouble with earlier this year.

In a Monday filing, it was also made known that Talor Gooch had a contract before the inaugural LIV Golf competition.

LIV Golf was required to disclose its business practises and player contracts in a new court filing on Monday in accordance to a ruling made by Judge Beth Labson Freeman.

LIV Golf has always been cautious about how much information it provided with the court and the public in its antitrust complaint against the PGA Tour,

redacting significant portions of pleadings and filings in order to argue that certain information was proprietary and confidential business information.

Judge Freeman issued an order on September 1 stating that some information that the plaintiffs had

redacted in its initial temporary restraining order (TRO) filing on August 3 did not meet the legal requirements

for such redaction and that a newly drafted motion with some of the previously redacted portions to be unredacted must be filed within 10 days.

The court determines that the TRO plaintiffs haven't shown sufficient evidence to justify sealing any part of the rules and regulations.

As a result, the Court rejects the motion to seal as to the Rules and Regulations without creating any permanent harm.

The rules and regulations included in the motion are labelled as privileged, confidential, and are always subject to change.