New Battery Technology Discovered by Researchers Can Charge Your EV in 10 Minutes.

Penn State researchers may have discovered a method to increase the allure of EVs. A new battery technology that the university just disclosed may enable EVs

 to experience a 50% reduction in charging times. In addition, the technique might make the batteries smaller, which would almost certainly enhance other aspects of their

performance, such as range. The research team's conclusions were made public in a report that was released earlier this week in the journal Nature.

Internal temperature modulation technology for EV batteries was created in association with the university-backed business EC Power.

According to the school, a very thin layer of nickel foil is added to the battery's construction to help control temperature, keeping it "hot, but not too hot"

 without the use of obtrusive heating and cooling systems.This would enable 10-minute charge times and maybe result in a two-thirds reduction in battery size.

According to Forbes, one of the primary disadvantages of EVs at the moment is their lengthy charging durations. 

In the 2022 Global Automotive Survey by Deloitte, one in ten respondents identified it as their top concern when driving a battery-powered car.

Although ten minutes is still five times longer than it takes to fill the gas tank of a gas-powered car, it is unquestionably a step in the right direction.