Netflix Missteps Miserably in the Streaming War With Disney.

The streaming service originally had a significant competitive advantage over its rivals, but that is no longer the case as the business keeps taking the wrong decisions.

When every firm established its own streaming service, raising the price of or removing access to older episodes, Netflix shifted to prestigious original material.

Having material that people wanted to watch is how Netflix got started. That was the same strategy employed by Walt Disney (DIS) to introduce its Disney+ streaming service.

Disney has the strongest portfolio of intellectual property (IP) of any corporation, which is why Disney+ became popular right away.

A more affordable ad-supported price option was just added by Netflix. The business made that significant change in order to reverse the post-pandemic decline in consumer base.

What the streaming juggernaut is missing is that, for $19.99 per month, it's a steal if it offers popular series that people want to watch, but at $6.99 if it doesn't, it's a rip-off.

Disney's streaming strategy is primarily based on streaming a new episode of one major event show each week.Due of this, the company was able to increase the price of 

its service in addition to creating the second-largest streaming service in less than three years.Although Netflix believes it has a pricing issue, the real issue is with its content.

It doesn't have enough popular series, and when it does, it releases all of the seasons at once. 

That destroys the PR cycle and prevents people from discussing the show with their friends.