NASA sets a new launch window and claims that Hurricane didn't harm Artemis I hardware.

Hurricane Ian has shifted the launch date for NASA's Artemis I moon mission.

NASA announced Friday that the launch window for the first phase of its ambitious mission to send astronauts back to the moon will now run from Nov. 12 to Nov. 27.

The announcement follows NASA's decision to cancel the most recent Artemis I Iaunch, which was set for Sunday, October 2.

US President Joe Biden stated on Friday that Hurricane Ian is "certain to rank among the worst in the nation's history," adding that it will take "months, years, to rebuild."

NASA reported that initial examinations conducted on Friday to evaluate potential effects of the catastrophic storm on the Artemis I flight hardware revealed no damage.

Before a more precise launch date can be determined, crews must finish post-storm recovery operations, 

which include additional inspections and retests of the flight termination system.

If everything goes according to plan, astronauts on that risky journey would plant their feet on the moon, gather samples, 

and examine the water ice that has been proven at the moon's South Pole.