As it monitors the weather, NASA proceeds with "Plan A" for the launch of a moon rocket.

NASA says the weather prediction will determine whether it makes a third try to launch its Artemis 1 round-the-moon mission next week 

after a successful test of its heavy-lift Space Launch System rocket's cryogenic fuel-filling system.

There is a tropical depression in the Caribbean Sea that could intensify into a hurricane and make landfall on the Florida coast.

For the time being, NASA is moving through with plans to launch from Florida's Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday. 

According to Mike Bolger, head of NASA's Exploration Ground Systems Program, "Ideally we're calling it Plan A, 

because the cryo test was successful and at this time we don't have a forecast that violates our weather requirements."

Currently, the only issue with the SLS's initial launch is the weather. Liftoff had to be delayed twice in the previous month because problems arose during the fueling procedure.

If Artemis 1 is successful, it will pave the way for Artemis 2, a crewed round-the-moon mission, in 2024.

after which there may be an Artemis 3 moon landing as early as 2025.