NASA Artemis Moon Rocket Launch Delay.

NASA authorities cancelled a test launch of a rocket that will one day send men to the moon on Saturday for the second time in a week.

However, top NASA officials defended their choice to cancel Saturday's launch and stated that they were willing to wait longer,

possibly trying again later this month or in October, when the cause of a hydrogen leak is identified and fixed.

Bill Nelson, the NASA administrator, stated during a news conference on Saturday afternoon that two scrubs would cost much less than a failure.

The new NASA rocket, despite being 322 feet tall, is not figuratively too large to fail. However, it might be given the vehicle's significance to the space agency's aspirations for the moon.

The Space Launch System rocket and the Orion spacecraft were developed by NASA at a cost of more than $40 billion. The programme is billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule.

The Artemis I mission, which would test the rocket and the capsule that future astronauts will travel in over the course of a week, was scheduled to launch, but it was cancelled. 

The third Artemis mission will land astronauts close to the south pole of the moon. The following Artemis mission, which is presently planned for 2024, will include astronauts on board.