More golfers might face PGA Tour bans.

When it comes to LIV Golf, the PGA Tour is not playing around with their involvement.

The PGA Tour is purportedly threatening players from the Japan Golf Tour with penalties if they continue to compete in LIV Golf tournaments, according to Bob Garig of Sports Illustrated.

Harig claims that this action contributes to the explanation of why a few Japanese golfers who participated in the most recent

LIV tournament in New Jersey are not taking part in the one that is now being held in Boston

 Any player that participated in a LIV Golf competition this year will be ineligible to play in any PGA Tour competitions or any of its other sanctioned circuits until the year 2022.

No information is presently available regarding whether or not this will still be valid in 2023.

With this decision, the PGA Tour is aiming to set itself apart from the LIV Tour in yet another way.

There isn't going to be a quick fix for this situation very soon.