MLB introducing new guidelines for 2023

According to reports, the Major League Baseball competition committee voted on Friday to accept a number of rule changes for 2023, 

including a pitch clock and restrictions on defensive posture.

The length of major league games has increased by more than 30 minutes since 1976, and the league's batting average has dropped to.243, the lowest level since 1968, with more than 

34% of at-bats come against defensive shifts. Pitch clocks, for example, reduce the length of a game by an average of 26 minutes, according to data from the minor leagues.

When the bases are empty, the pitch clock will be set for 15 seconds, and when there are runners on, it will be 20 seconds

A 30-second timer will run between each batter, and inning breaks will last 2 minutes, 15 seconds. Visits to mounds will now include include a 30-second timer.

Four players must be standing completely inside the infield dirt's perimeter for defences. There must be two of those four on either side of second base.

Instead of being 15-inch squares, the bases will be 18-inch squares, which is intended to encourage base theft and avoid injury.