Miami Dolphins hire an experienced quarterback.

The Miami Dolphins have added a well-known player to their practice squad as they figure out how to manage their quarterback position 

while Tua Tagovailoa remains in the concussion protocol.On Monday, the team revealed that quarterback Reid Sinnett has been added to the practice squad.

In 2020, Sinnett, a former San Diego college football player, signed a free agent contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But he was quickly cut, and a few weeks later he joined the Dolphins practice squad. Sinnett didn't play in any games that season despite being activated for two of them.

Despite not taking part in any NFL contests, the quarterback spent the remainder of 2021 with the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Up until this point, he has been available despite the team's formal release of him in September.

Until they know when Tua will return, Miami will start Teddy Bridgewater as quarterback. On the active roster is also rookie Skylar Thompson.

However, if something were to happen to either of them, Sinnett might soon be promoted.

However, Sinnett's third spell with the team might only last a short while if Tagovailoa is able to join them soon.