Thursday Night, Matthew Stafford Reacts Honestly To The Rams Home Crowd.

SoFi Stadium is referred to as the Los Angeles Rams' home. Various fan bases disagree. Buffalo Bills supporters filled the stadium's seats on Thursday night.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for the Rams. Last season, opposing fans swarmed SoFi Stadium throughout, and Thursday night will be no exception in 2022.

In fact, Matthew Stafford said Friday night that the Rams must get used to the roar of the fans in the days before home games.

No, I mean, we were ready for that, Stafford remarked. We were ready to participate in the quiet count at home once more, but it was nothing new for us.

For the Los Angeles Rams, having to play in a stadium where the opposition's fans are in attendance is a major disadvantage.

But they simply have to put up with it for the foreseeable future.

However, the Rams' loss on Thursday night had nothing to do with the volume of the crowd. 

They were just beaten by a stronger Buffalo Bills club in terms of strength, coaching, and performance.