LIV Golf persuaded Marc Leishman and Cameron Smith to participate in the Saudi-sponsored series in exchange for a franchise.

When they decided to switch from the PGA Tour to LIV, Cameron Smith and Marc Leishman received more than just a nice salary.

According to Greg Norman, CEO of LIV, the Australian golfers earned a 25% ownership stake in the Punch GC brand this week.

The winner of the 2022 Open Championship, Smith is the first top-10 golfer to sign on with the Saudi-sponsored golf league.

Smith reportedly received more than $100 million from LIV as well.

Including Smith and Leishman in the fold seems to be a key marketing strategy Norman is using to spread LIV around the globe.

Wade Ormsby and Matt Jones, the other two members of Punch GC, are Australians as well, 

and LIV intends to hold a competition in their home nation two months following the 2023 Masters.

According to reports, Gold Coast and Sydney are the front-runners, and Royal Sydney has previously rejected LIV.

Players that join LIV are prohibited from competing in PGA Tour competitions, and it is quite uncertain whether they will be able to compete in the majors.