KFC recently made a tangy new sauce available nationwide.

The fast food restaurant chain teamed up with Tinder to enable two individuals go on the perfect date to commemorate the release of the new Buffalo Ranch sauce, 

which is now sold at KFC stores all across the country.According to the internet, buffalo sauce and ranch are one of the best food pairings ever, thus according to 

Nick Chavez, CMO of KFC US, "we've merged hot and chill into perfect Buffalo Ranch harmony."

"We're trying to assist some sauce-loving singles discover the buffalo on their ranch with the help of Tinder's matchmaking magic."

Take the What's Your Sauce Style quiz on Tinder beginning on October 21 to be eligible to win. Users who successfully complete the quiz can enter to win a VIP backstage 

visit with KFC Ambassador Jack Harlow.You can still order a Tinder Tenders meal bundle even if you don't win.

Six Extra Crispy Tenders, two sides, two warm, flaky biscuits, two medium drinks, and KFC's new Buffalo Ranch sauce are all included in the meal.The offer sounds like a 

safe guarantee to fill people up, whether you're taking out your BFF or a new love interest.KFC affirms that the sauce will always be a part of the mouthwatering menu.