key Highlights From " Master Master Your Emotions by Thibaut Meurisse

The way you interpret emotions, as well as the blame game you engage in, creates suffering , not the emotions themselves.

Most of your emotions are based on your personal story and the way you perceive the world.

As you replace your current story with a more empowering one- while, at the same time

letting go of your excessive attachment to things, people or ideas

You will be able to experience more positive emotions.

Emotions are just emotions.They are not you, they are not facts, and you can let them go.

Your mind operates on the famous computing principle of GIGO. garbage in, garbage out.

if you do ill, speak ill and think ill the residue is to going to leave you sick.if you do well the outcome is going to be well.

Remember people will always interpret your words and actions based on their values and beliefs. 

Therefore, to let your personality shine, you have no choice but to allow them to see you whatever way they wish to.

Interpretation+ identification+ repetition = strong emotion