"Julia" makes landfall as a hurricane in Nicaragua.

Early on Sunday morning, Hurricane "Julia" made landfall in Nicaragua, specifically in the Pearl Lagoon region of the Autonomous Region of the Southern Caribbean Coast.

The government continues to suspend navigation and maintain a yellow alert over the whole country.The storm, which had sustained winds of 140 kph 

and was travelling at a westerly speed of 26 kph when it made landfall at 01.15 hours, is a category 1 hurricane, the lowest rating on the Saffir-Simpson scale of five.

According to Gustavo Castro, the mayor of Bluefields, the largest coastal city in southeast Nicaragua, at least three shelters have been opened as a result of the hurricane

Authorities predict that the storm will weaken as it crosses land and regain intensity until it reaches the Pacific Ocean after through the entire nation.

A "state of yellow alert throughout the national territory" has been declared by the National System for the Prevention, Mitigation, and Attention to Disasters, 

which has also activated all emergency plans, institutions, and transportation in order to safeguard those who are vulnerable.Additionally, SINAPRED has predicted 

The possibility of flooding in the departments (provinces) of Chinandega (northwest), Jinotega (north), Matagalpa (north), Nueva Segovia (north), and Rivas (southeast).

El Salvador is one of the nations that has started to prepare for the impending arrival of "Julia" by starting to take precautions.