Insight From" The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries

A start up is a human intution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.

We all need a disciplined, systematic approach to figuring out if we're making progress.

Discovering if we're actually achieving validated learning.

When cause and effect is clearly understood, people are better able to learn from their actions.

If we do not know who the customer is,we do not know what quality is.

Lean thinking defines value as providing benefit to the customer,anything else is waste.

Human beings are innately talented learners when give a clear and objective assessment.

The five whys ties the rate of progress to learning, not just execution.

Start up team should go through the five whys whenever they encounter any kind of failure,

Including technical faults, failure to achieve business result, or unexpected changes in customer behavior.

Teams that employ it are able to change direction quickly, stay light on their feet,

And be highly responsive to changes in the business requirements of the product owner.