Insight From " Mind Management, Not Time Management"  by David Kadavy

Time management optimizes the resource of time. Mind management optimizes the resource of creative energy.

The first Hour Rule is simply this" Spend the first hour of your day working on your most important project.

A Harvad study found that the busier knowledge workers were, the less creative they were.

This study found that as workers became more busy, they did less creative-thinking activities , such as brainstorming.

The point of time is not to fill as much life as possible into a given unit of time.

The point of time is to use time as a guide to living a fulfilling life.

"A one-hour increase in average daily sleep raises productivity 

by more than a one-year increase in education."

When you randomly switch from one activity to another, your energy leaks.

"Energy available" is also critically important.

Sometime you mind is better-suited to think creatively.other time it's better to think analytically.

Sometime you're in the mood to do some research.Other time, you're better off taking care of some peaky details.