Insight from "Life Is Setting Me up for Success"  by Victor Levy".

There are three key systems you need to install:

1) A system of gratitude. 2)a system of enjoying this moment. 3) a system of expansion.

You are working so hard to chase a feeling that is already inside yourself.

The fantasy is that once you accomplish whatever goal you are pursuing, you will finally be fulfilled.

Do the work as though it was given to you by the universe itself- because it was.

Nothing ever stays stagnant. Uncertainty is the fundamental law of the universe.

Trying to find certainty in a universe where everything is constantly changing is not only waste of time

but also exhausting because you are fighting against nature.

Problems only exist in the mind, not in reality.  if you look at life as a problem to be solved, you will see them everywhere.

When you live life merely for the results of your actions, your sacrifices end up being in vain

because you are wasting the only thing you truly have: this moment.