Insight From "How to Start Communicating Effectively" by Luke Edwards.

First, effective communication requires a mix of listening, speaking and interpreting verbal and nonverbal clues.

Second, communication is a necessary skill for attaining success.

Listening properly is comprehending the words and information being given and comprehending the speaker's feelings.

Thinking poorly about ourselves can interfere with our capacity to evaluate ourselves.

We can improve our perspective of other people by listening more carefully and empathizing with their experiences.

It would hep if you learned how to keep your emotions in check because you can face different things that require

calm moods, like a high-pressure meeting or a job interview or meeting your fiance's  parents for the firs time.

Staying calm under pressure allows you to communicate effectively.

One of the most effective ways to get people to like is by letting them talk first.

Fear and anxiety mainly occur as a result of lack of a preparation.

A buyer persona is essentially a character study of your target consumer. Most business that create buyer personas see exponential growth in consumers.

Self-perception is important in communication because it can affect your level of confidence.

If you feel inadequate, you might have it at the back of you mind that anything you say will be rejected, which can affect the way you present your ideas.