How your zodiac is impacted by the fall equinox in 2022.

Aries Powerful and fiery Contrary to Libra, the charming lady of the zodiac who makes everyone feel at ease, 

Aries is self-assured, courageous, and confident.

Taurus ( Apr.20- May 20). Taurus, you're in good company if you feel like you need to get away.

Gemini (May 21- June 20). During the fall equinox, Mars is in witty, learned Gemini, giving this playful hint an extra buzz.

Cancer. Cancer that is sympathetic will experience all the emotions when the moon transits through each sign over the course of 29 days.

Since it's their birthday season, Leos rule the middle of the year, and as the seasons change, 

lions will feel obliged to enjoy the sun and warm weather while they can.

Virgo ( Aug.23- Sept.22). The planet of love and excellence, Venus, is in the Virgo sign for the autumnal equinox, bringing sentiment to your life.